Specification: 30%&50%

CAS No.: 420-04-2

Molecular structure:CN2H2


The solution of cyanamide is weighed as the defoliant of the fruit plant and non-toxic insecticide in the overseas market and the white solid is widely used in Pharma, Medicare, the compound of Animal feed additives as well as the production of intermediate for pesticide in agriculture.

Cyanamide is one of the most important intermediates for the manufacture of Carbendazim, Benomyl, Pyrimethanil, Pirimicarb, Midinyanglin, Flazasulfuron, Metsulfuron, Sulfometuron-Methyl, Triasulfuron, Bensulfuron, Hexazinone and etc.

Packing: In net 20KG, 200KG or 1000KG Plastic Drum or by tank truck.

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